About Fuzzy Buns Of Steel

I've always been into costuming, since I was younger. Typical for this story to start out this way. However, I wanted to perfect a line of work that involved drawing. Game artist or Comic-book artist. I've wanted this since ten years of age, having played Spyro the Dragon. What was better than a game that centered around a feral animal creature? I was always looking for books, movies,toys, and games that centered around anthro or feral animals.

I went through a stage, when I was young, where I wanted to act like a horse, one of my favorite animals. Then there came the cat phase, another one of my favorite animals. Thank goodness, I grew out of those stages, however, the animal accessories, the tail, preferably, and the ears, stayed. It would occasionally manifest itself in grade school and halloween.

Going into high school, exposed me to a few "Furries" but I didn't know, nor care, to know, what they were. The people that wore collars, ears and tails to school. I had my own issues, enough, and I was thankful, from what I witnessed, nobody made fun of me for that. In grade school, it was all right, but highschool is cruel and unrelentless.

I graduated high-school and attended college with some skepticism. Even before I graduated high school, I was struggling to be confident and see myself in a "Career of my choice." I had an IEP in highschool with extreme learning disabilities and a diagnosis of Aspergers, a type of autism. I attended community college to attempt to get along, despite my obstacles.

College was a dead-end, with nothing achieved due to my Aspergers and learning disabilities that followed with this diagnosis. I moped around for a while, wondering why nobody had told me that not everyone can make college happen. In fact, that not everyone HAS to go to college nor CAN they go to college. This happened in 2010 and from then there, I was, on the upside, happier that I wasn't in school anymore ,struggling with tests, my grades, tutoring. It was nice not to have to worry about such things anymore, which I had for most of my life. All the same, I had nothing to do with myself.

A friend had accompanied me to the Kansas City Rens Fair 2011. I was a pirate and he was a knight. So many costumes, but sadly, no recognition for my own. I mean, everyone else was a pirate too, not to mention the people that work there had extravagant costumes, themselves. I had a great time, but I wanted more. I saw some costumes there that gave me so many ideas.

In the fall of 2011, after the faire, I was searching DeviantArt, which is an artistic community dedicated to digital art, crafts, and anything else artworthy, when I kept stumbling upon these beast suits. Forest creatures. I thought how neat they were and I watched videos of them in action. I thought, boy, wouldn't it be great to make one of those. Oh, well.

I kept finding myself going back to the various groups on the website and looking at other people that had made these wonderful suits. It finally occurred to me, THIS, THIS is what i needed for Rens Faire next year to really POP.

This is when it all started. I found tutorials on how to build my own Fursuit. Yes, they are called "Fursuits". Not really "Furry" at least not as much as I was other things, I got my feet wet in the community, found websites that support and help people that build fursuits and started a journey to create my first head.

Tomedoe, the Kangababy was born and I prepped her costume all year, mixing her with my pirate costume from the year before. She debuted at Rens Faire 2012 with flying colors. I had so many people that wanted pictures and so many people that were so pleased they couldn't speak or repeated the same words over and over.

That was it. I was hooked. Now, I'm growing in my contacts base to hopefully get to bodysuits AND heads, one day. I plan to attend many cons, furry, comic, and horror, as well as faires or personal outings, if I take a notion! Suits are my line of work. Even though college didn't work out, I really enjoy this and I can move along at my own pace. This, I like. I like it very much. No stress from grades or being told what to do. I can do what I do best.