Back from Planet Comicon

Submitted by Jhatonna on Sat, 03/22/2014 - 17:18
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It was a great run this year! Lots of new friends, lots of socializing with other costumers and lots and lots of dancing! Whew, SnowBunny the tauntaun, did A LOT of dancing and so did Tusken the werewolf.

SnowBunny was received with flying colors. I've never been so tickled at how many people love the tauntaun. I had no idea! Now, Tusken, it was strange, not very many people wanted photos with the werewolf. I have four pictures, total from the whole con of the werewolf. I'm a bit sad about that, but she does better at horror conventions and rens faire where such creatures are expected.

Because of my dancing spree, I'm going to invest in some youtube studies to learn how to choreograph dance moves and make up some little routines to add some flare to my characters. The dancing was received with such positivity and people wanted me to dance.

I didn't buy anything this year, maybe next year. Hope to see you guys there! I will post pictures of SnowBunny and Tusken, shortly.