Back in the Saddle

Submitted by Jhatonna on Wed, 10/07/2015 - 20:14
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I've been abusing this site so horribly over the past year. I'm going to try to cover a few events that happened this year that were significant to my development as a suit builder.

Planet Comicon offered a splash of new Photographers and it was the debut of Amaterasu's suit. She did very well and was quite the crowd controller. She seemed to present an ominous presence enough, that people avoided her for photo opportunities. Only, if a jedi or a sith were present, would people stand near her to get a picture. I'd say she did very well with being off-putting. Well, that or people really didn't know who I was, so they didn't want a picture out of disinterest. I doubt it though. People would come out when other humanoid costumers were around.

At a local Sci-Fi convention called, CONQUEST, I was invited to do my very first panel! Naturally, it was about creature costumes. It was a strange experience. Very laid back convention, an older crowd. No craziness, no running around. Sitting down and reading books seemed to be favorable. I was actually nervous this convention because it was so calm, I didn't know what to do with myself. My panel was delayed a bit because we had to get the equipement set up. I wish they would have had that situated well before hand, but maybe it was a cluster of just stuff that day. My panel was cut short by about five minutes, but, for the most part, everything got covered. A fellow creature builder who uses Latex in his costumes, helped me out with the panel. Everybody loved SnowBunny and I got a lot of compliments on her. She usually gets those comments at conventions. As to be expected.

I attended Rocky Mountain Fur Con this year and it was a wonderful success! Granted, we had 8 people to our room. I took on two fursuit partial commissions for friends and pushed myself into a crazed panic trying to finish the basic parts of the partial so they could enjoy the convention. I will say, I learned A LOT, but also that commission work, when you're just starting out, is much more difficult than it seems.

We got to watch the dance Competition, I won a medal for being very impressionable, of which, I later gifted it to a friend for being impressionable for her first big convention. Sadly, the only disappointment of the convention is that I don't have any video footage of myself and that I can't really find anything but like three to four pictures of myself. I'm very sad about that,t his year. They didn't have the professional photographers this year, so that limited the amount of potential image memories I would have. Oh, well! It was fun, nonetheless.

Some miscellaneous fursuit adventures happened with my Star Wars costume buddies. I brought the Ewok back from the dead and attended an all day adventure. Three different events in 1 day. That suit got a workout and I heat trained myself a little bit. I also got A LOT of pictures that day of YubNub.

Last, Force Friday was a wonderful experience. It was the release of the Star Wars episode 7 toys. SnowBunny attended this event as a partial, due to the extreme heat that day. It was indoors, but even indoors it was humid and hot!