Contact Info and Quotes


I can always be reached at this main email.

If you want to reach me at other websites, that you might be familiar with to keep track off some of my work, this is them.

Furaffinity: She-King

DeviantArt: Grizzled-Dog (Eventually will change it to FuzzyBunsOfSteel)

I take each commission one at a time and they will take however long they take to complete. I want to do a good job and I don't want to rush. Because of this I only take one, maybe two commissions at a time. I'm a bit more focused than a lot of other builders because of this, but I just take things slower and its less stressful to do fewer characters at one time. Don't worry, this will ensure your costume turns out top of the line.

I am still a novice and building a costume is not easy. I'll only be able to take one project at a time, so please don't be upset if I can't squeeze your quote in right away, thank you!

Don't be afraid to send me quotes and I'll put you on a list. I'll only do so many a month until I know how I work. Thank you very much for working with me in this area!

REQUIREMENTS: If you want a quote for a character, please provide a reference sheet or a concept art of what you're looking for me to create so I can give you a good idea on how much it will cost. If you're just trying gather quotes or ideas, that's fine, but still provide a reference sheet, so I can give you an accurate estimate of your total cost as one of the builders you might consider.