Darth Amaterasu

Submitted by Jhatonna on Wed, 02/25/2015 - 01:49
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Darth Amaterasu is my second Star Wars Costume I have ever made. Unlike YubNub, she was conceived for the Dark Empire and the Dark Alliance costume Club. Amaterasu is a CUSTOM Sith and an original character within the Star Wars Universe. Amaterasu is from the Era of the Old Republic. A sith apprentice saved from her child bounty-hunting career when a bounty hunting target recognizes her force abilities. The mysterious individual takes her under his wing and teaches her in the darkside of the force, as well as the dark arts and sith magics of old. Practically, possessing the poor child, he instills in her, an enraged and beserker oppression to her emotional state. This enabled her to enhance her natural abilities as a predatory humanoid, as well as her darkside connection. This basic possession would send the apprentice in mad and insane rampages that would result in murdered or slain fellow sith students, jedi, or trespassers to their secluded temple.

Unable to control her massacres, her master ordered her to be surgically infused with chains. Bound and embedded in her neck, wrists and ankles, she could be stopped dead in her tracks or held in isolation until she returned to a sane and cooperative state. The chains were magnetically attracted to any metal or chrome surface. With the right wave length or radio wave, they could be activated and she could be plastered to the wall, floor, or any other object. She was not pleased with this arrangement and developed a hate for her master, which was typical of most Sith Lord to Apprentice relationships. She learns to use the chains to her advantage and during training sessions, she would give life to the chains through the force. Individuals were strangled, choked out, suffocated or held at bay with the chains while she would multi-task or torture them. She could apprehend multiple enemies at once, thanks to the chains and slay each one quickly with a simple thrust of her lightsaber. The chains were lightsaber resistant and enhanced with sith magics. Thus, no mere force influence or lightsaber contact could break or destroy the chains, making it impossible for her to sever her enslavement with the chains.

The jedi knights discovered the temple, many years later and raided the location. The sith lord wanted his apprentice to carry on his vision and his essence, through the sith's sorceries. To keep his star creation alive and safe, he preserved her being in a slab of carbonite and locked it away in a hidden chamber in his bedding chambers. Awakened over 20 thousand years later during the clone wars, Darth Amaterasu, was still, mentally, in the time of the old republic. Once she learns that her master has long since been destroyed, she feels a relief that is very great. She sets out to have the chains surgically removed from her being so her freedom will be at its peak. Meanwhile, she delves into bounty hunting jobs. All the while, the vision, nightmares, and voice of her master plague her. She suffers through the technology that her master had oppressed upon her, with its common place in the modern day society. Once her employers discover her nasty temper, they learn that the chains play an important roll in keeping the shistavanen at bay thus, enslaving her, once more. Darth Amaterasu develops a hatred and distrust for any employer she works for.