GateWayFurmeet a Success!

Submitted by Jhatonna on Fri, 05/02/2014 - 15:23
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I've been slacking on updating my website, but my most recent accomplishment, was attending GateWayFurmeet in St. Louis, in April.

I rode my first train EVER. It was scary at first, but it was very fun, once I was on it. I was only able to take one suit and Bunny was my most iconic suit, so she was my top pick. Also, the train wouldn't allow the bag I used to hold both suits. Too many body parts, the bag needs to be a tad bit bigger. Tusken is a fatty fat, she takes up more room than SnowBunny does. I also bunked with nothing but friends for the first time, instead of just family. I also learned about who to room with and who not to. There is one individual we all have agreed, that we will not invite again.

SnowBunny is my star suit, it seems. Everywhere she goes, she brings smiles and tons of picture opportunities.

I kinda splurged a bit on a fursuit bandana and a purple jingle bell for Bunny to remember the con by. Money I probably should have kept, but I wanted some souvenirs, darn it!

The convention ended on Easter Sunday, and what a memorable time that was. SnowBunny was tackled and RIDDEN! Yes, she was actually ridden by someone. For putting up with such a stunt, she received one of the last two, unbought convention shirts for free! Also, she was a first year attendee and she qualified for the shirt as well. SnowBunny also became an EasterBunny as eggs filled with candy were handed out during the closing ceremonies.

Some very famous suiters were there. Well, I consider them "Famous" They are well known fursuiters and they star in A LOT of videos of furry conventions on youtube.

Anyway, I won't go into detail, most people don't know who I mean when I talk about them, but I do know what it means to me to have met them. Let alone, I found favor with them, at that.

Oh! I almost forgot! I finally received a commission from this con! A dragon! I'm very excited to do something besides a cat or dog.I have proven can make stuff other than a cat or a dog, though, I think. I'm going to take it slow and steady, I want this commissioner to have something nice. Nicer than what I have.

Because of this con, I'm lined up for TWO MORE furry conventions this year! Can you believe it?! Its been a long time coming, but I think I'm finally breaking into the ability to go to furry cons, now, since I first started making fursuits and characters.

I will keep updates of the progress of the commission. On top of that commission, I'm going to try to work on a personal suit at the same time to give myself something to bounce back on, incase I have trouble with my commission. Sometimes an artist can't get something right or needs to take a break and come back fresh.