Happy New Year and Exciting News!

Submitted by Jhatonna on Wed, 01/15/2014 - 04:52
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Its a new year and I've been rather neglectful of my website. The poor thing. I have started this year with a burning fire to make LOTS of heads! LOTS AND LOTS! Okay, maybe not that many, I'm still getting my feet situated in this craft.

Anywho, I have some updates coming soon and I have completed my first commission! Yes, I will post pictures, shortly. I also have a premade in development, which I will post pictures on as well!

My exciting news is, I'm going to my FIRST furry convention this year! Whoo! 2014! Hands up-yeah! Okay, maybe I'm getting carried away. I will be rooming with some friends for the first time ever. I've never been in a hotel with people I didn't know from adam, I've never ridden a train, to get there, and I've never been completely alone with friends on a long trip before, so this will be exciting!

Gatewayfurmeet, the first furry convention to take place in St. Louis, Missouri! It will be its first year. Oh, how I dreamed of being an attendee to a con's first debute! I hope we can keep ourselves busy and all and everyone happy.

I've been making lots of updates and wardrobe upgrades for SnowBunny and Tusken, whom I'll be taking to the convention. SnowBunny has a new jacket-dress that's purple. She likes it very much and acts even more regal than before. I have officially dubbed her as, "Queen of the tauntauns". She was the first female tauntaun suit in the fandom and I will preach that until tauntauns combust everywhere! Some alterations to her arm sleeves will be done. I've modified her tail. No more swimming noodle. Too cumbersome and stiff. Nice squishy polyfilling. She likes her tail to be very huggable. Its much much lighter as well. SnowBuny needs some claws, but I haven't figure out an affordable way to get her some. I might make plush claws for her, though.

Tusken, the Big Bad Werewolf. Tusken needs more repairs than SnowBunny does! A tooth of hers broke not too long ago. I was very saddened by that. Glued it back with super glue. Tuskens feet claws need to be reconfigured and so do her hand claws. If I can get extra money, I will make plush claws for her. They're light, washable and I can make them HUGE and SCARY. OHHH MYY! Tusken's zipper on her body suit has given me so much trouble all this time, I'm going to sever the fullsuit into a 3/4 suit, instead. Salvage the left over fur or just store the body in a dark corner so I don't have to think about it until I feel like it. Tusken, for the moment, has a new pair of cargo pants I bought from the thrift store.

They fit perfectly and she's quickly swelling through them! I plan to slash the pants and put fur popping through the slashes for a more "Werewolfy" look. Tusken isn't very lady like, to say the least. Meanwhile, Tusken has a new shirt and a jacket to accent her personality a bit more. Pictures to come soon of that as well!

I'm very delighted for this year. Lots of new opportunities that have opened from my entrance into costume building and costume performing. Stay tuned for more updates!