HorrorHounds Weekend Indianapolis

Submitted by Jhatonna on Wed, 09/11/2013 - 18:59
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I had a blast at HorrorHounds weekend. I was a place holder in the costume Contest and the grand prize winners gifted me with their prize, for they were very impressed with my costume and thought I deserved the win, other than they. I am very humbled by this! I had a great time at this con and I plan to return when I can with a new and improved suit of mysterious proportions!

A lot of suggestions about improving Tusken have been issued to me. Since most of them are out of my budget, I'm going to leave Tusken as is and not change a dang thing on her. Next time she is made, I'll try to do a better job on EVERYTHING. The head base, the eyes, the bodysuit, the padding. I'll do my best!

Tusken was accepted to her first con with flying colors! A lot of little kids loved the great werewolf. Originally intended to be a cute and sweet werewolf, Tusken has evovled into the big bad wolf herself. Its official, Tusken is a boss! That's final! Nuff said!

I think, my next HorrorHound fursuit will be a different werewolf, but of a more...comical origin. Well, to some it would be comical. To him it would be most annoying. He will be most upset if he is made fun of. That's all yah get for that one, guys.

My next project will be underway, as soon as I get the money set back to start it. For now, since I'm home and unpacked, its time for commissions and gathering comission info. I handed out three business cards. I should have been more proactive about handing things out, but I didn't want to go overboard. I'm scared, this is a learning process for me and I didn't want to do too much or bring in too much before I'm ready. I want to know I can handle it.

With that said, I have over three commissions waiting for me, now. I open for official commissions after the first weekend of October. For those that have got with me before then, I will go in order and ease. Do not be upset if I do not choose to do your costume over someone elses. I'm still a novice and I'm trying to make everyone happy, including myself by being fair to the costumer and unto myself. Stay tuned!