It's that time of year again! Planet Comicon 2015

Submitted by Jhatonna on Wed, 02/25/2015 - 00:44
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A new year, means new costumes and new cosplays for Good old PCC! Right in the heart of Kansas City, Missouri, we all come together for comic-books, signings and most of all, cosplay! The fan groups really bring in the con attendees.

I have a new costume for PCC this year. I have been naughty, however, and neglected to post pictures of it, but here is a brief insight to my first event with it! Introducing, Darth Amaterasu, the shistavanen sith! The shistavanen is a Star Wars race, that is now, obsolete in the Star Wars extended Universe thanks to Disney. Now, she's no longer canon. It took me about a year or more to complete her and in that time Disney bought Star Wars and eliminated the extended universe immediately. It makes me sad that she was canon before I could get her finished. I'm on the fence about Disney owning Star Wars, now because of that, but I'm also open to what they might bring. I'll give them a chance before I get too huffy and puffy.

If you would like to know more about Darth Amaterasu, you can find her and more photos of her first event in the Photo Gallery section of the website.

I hope to leave my mark this year at PCC. The costume contest is a bit undecided or me. For the past few years its been hot and unpleasant to stand in line to go up on stage and then not win. I'm thinking about waiting until I get better at my fursuits and then maybe going through the trouble of standing in line. Also, nobody records the Cosplay contest and I do not get to see myself on film. That is very upsetting, as I like to know what I look like to others observing me. I've got three more weeks to decide if I want to go through the trouble. If I do it, I can enter with SnowBunny as a queen. I'll post pictures of her as a queen, later.

I'm pumped, making repairs to my suits, updating and hoping all of this will fit in the hotel room, this year. With FOUR other people. yes and two of them have big costumes as well. I hope I can costume with the ones I want this year. Here's hoping!