Planet Comicon 2014 News!

Submitted by Jhatonna on Fri, 02/21/2014 - 00:48
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GREAT NEWS! I will be able to attend Planet Comic-Con in Kansas City, MO, this year! Expect to see me there with my werewolf and tauntaun, both!

I'm a member of the Rebel Legion, a Star Wars costuming fan group, so I will be bunking with these guys at the con. A great group of people, I wouldn't trade it for anything!

In the downtime before this bustling con, I'm repairing SnowBunny and Tusken for their hardships ahead. I have made plans to enter Tusken in the costume contest. I may enter SnowBunny in the contest, again, I may not. I haven't decided, officially yet. I don't expect to win, for the sake of the suits aren't really appealing as far as "Canon accuracy" goes, but I like to be on film and its a great opportunity to strut my stuff and show off each character. Here's hoping I can make a good impression!

I'm looking forward to lots of pictures and I've been practicing my many poses in the mirror, on command. This year, I hope to bring a little more life to my characters, especially in pictures.

The hardest task, this year, besides the heat, is going to be staying animated in Tusken. SnowBunny will be easy, she's giddy and happy. Tusken is going to be very difficult. She's belligerent and cocky. Arrogant and haughty. I have some difficulty playing such a character type because I'm completely opposite of such a character. This will be a great exercise. I hope I can pull it off, successfully.

Tusken is also getting some upgrades for a more "Womanly" werewolf appearance. I will post more soon! See you guys on the floor!