Terms and Conditions

I'm glad you have taken a look at my furry critters. I hope you consider me in the future for a suit, if you haven't all ready!

My style runs realistic to sem-realistic. Please, be aware that, because my style runs this way, I do not expect you to ask me to change that style, unless you want something cartoony. Cartoony is a bit more difficult for me because my realism exceeds the dynamic exaggerated style of cartoony. Don't be afraid to ask, however, I'm open for unique characters, as I want to be well rounded.

I'm honored that you have chosen me, but just fair warning, if you do not like what I do, you can just as well`find someone else to make you a creature costume, I will not be offended nor upset. I do hope you will come back one day and reconsider my hands for creating your custom creature.

I only take orders from individuals that are 18 and Older. If you are under 18, please get consent from an Adult/guardian/parent and have them contact me, personally.

Personal preferences of ears, eyes, facial expression, and bulkiness of the head are perfectly fine in a commission quote. Please respect that I stand out from other fursuit and creature builders because of my unique style. Each head is a unique creation, built of foam and no two heads will look the exactly same. You can hold your head high, with contentment, that your creature is yours and yours alone!

Some things that trademark my style are:

-Drawn or swept back ears for a mellow ,tender and sweet, or unfriendly expression (More likely to appear on female characters, if artistic freedom is permitted)

-Larger ears

-Curved neck accent(On select animals or if requested. I'm still developing a functional style I like for it)

-Larger and longer tails( I love floof and long flowy fur. Expect your creature, if furry, to have a real fuzz butt), to name a few. Unless it is befitting to the character you have commissioned me to create, to not include one of these things, expect the final product to sport these characteristics as standard.

-Bigger, excessive features in general on bodysuits and heads.

I require a reference sheet, preferably, for your creature, if you are a fursuiter, you are well familiar with this. If not, I will draw one out for you of your creature for $10 dollars on top of your commission price, if you don't have one, yet.

I am a clean artist, so I will not accept commissions requesting genitalia on bodysuits(Exaggerated bosoms or male genitalia. A small, shallow bosom will be acceptable) or anything similar on a creature head. Please beware certain origins for certain creatures may be turned down due to beliefs or conservative reasons.

I prefer a payment in full before I start your costume. This is necessary to buy the proper materials for your custom creature and it proves to me that you are serious about your selection of my works.

**My payment plan is a 40% down payment of the main price of your commission. The rest of the money needs to be fully paid off before I can start your costume**

Payments accepted are Paypal and or Cash. I do not do money orders, credit cards, or any other payment methods. This is to cut down on any funny business. This is a serious personal business and I will do what I can to reserve that.

I will not make identical copies of other characters. That would be plagiarism and I refuse to commit such a thing. If you have like colors as a character you like, that is fine. Anything too close or too alike, I will contact you to change up the design a bit.

I hope I haven't scared you away, yet, with my terms, I just like to make sure people know I mean business! I hope you do too! So, are you ready to send your creature my way? If so, read my Contact Info and Quotes page! Thanks for visiting FuzzyBunsOfSteel.