Tomedoe the Kangababy

Submitted by Jhatonna on Thu, 08/08/2013 - 00:45
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My very first suit that inspired this whole thing. The character herself, I've had since high school though. What was my basis for making it? I wanted something that would WOW people. Renaissance Festival, Kansas City, inspired me, greatly, for costuming. However, I found a problem there...where were the beasts?! Fuzzy critters! Prowling or being shy. Maybe, they traveled with a fellowship of some sort? Not many of those in this homey town. I set out to make a costume that would grab attention. I"m hooked now, can't you see? Well, it worked. Tomedoe, the pirate Kangaroo, was conceived and debuted at Kansas City Renaissance festival in fall of 2012.

She was liked so much, that she received THREE free tickets!

Tomedoe is a sweet and quiet character, but stern and very proper. She does smile, a lot though and has a british accent of sorts. Don't know her origin, though. Can't say.

Tomedoe's mother was a bushbaby and her father a tree roo. Thus, you get a Tomedoe. A super long tail, fluffy as all get out, and, she doesn't have a pouch yet. She likes fruits and quite a few meats. She never says which to strangers, so I can't tell you, sorry about that. She's...weird. She's mum on her favorite things, as well.

Tomedoe has no set theme, really. Her pirate theme was just for Renaissance Festival. Going to a con with her, would most likely land her at a Furry con of some sort, more than an Anime or Comic-Con. However, if she were to attend either one of those, she would be appropriately dressed for such an event, with something that fit the spirit of the con. The Anime Conventions I'm not so sure about what she would wear. Fursuiters aren't an uncommon thing to see at Comic-Cons and Anime conventions.

This suit features a technique I call the, "Curved Neck-Technique." I hope to make it a trademark of all of my suits. Its a very elegant feature and adds a sense of realism for it gives a longer neck illusion. On some creatures, a longer neck is a must to sell the suit to the on-lookers at cons, in public, and on the web.

Event's Tomedoe has been too:

Kansas City Renaissance Festival 2012

One day I hope to make an updated version of Tomedoe. Its the least I can do since she was my first suit.