Tusken Body Suit Complete

Submitted by Jhatonna on Mon, 08/12/2013 - 17:46
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I've learned a lot of stuff on this suit. So many things. I figured out how to make a "pants" pattern so my furring works out better. On this suit is a bit iffy and not as good as it could be, but this was my first suit with two colors and a fur pattern, rather than a solid color like the tauntaun or the Ewok.

My patterns are kind of uneven and there's some bunching on the right hip, of the fabric, but its something that can easily be hidden with a sash. I did buy a poncho for tusken, but she's far too buff to fit in it, now, sadly. I'll buy her pants or something else. Maybe a giant bow to fit in her hair so people know she's a girl of some type. she might even wear a skirt, I don't know, but that might be going a bit far since she is, in fact, a scary werewolf.

Left to do are the feet, the claws, and a tail. Then we'll be golden!