Tusken Complete

Submitted by Jhatonna on Thu, 08/22/2013 - 03:27
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Tusken is complete. I must say, the SnowBunny went better than Tusken's assembly did and, in some aspects, she looks better, than Tusken, but this was a learning experience and only my third body suit, but my first with two different color schemes.

I actually finished this body suit in my goal, within a month's time on the 16th of this month, not today, but i didn't realize I hadn't posted it before hand. Shame on me for not keeping you guys updated to the best of my abilities.

Tusken will have her own little place in my gallery soon enough, with some Convention pictures that will show up, hopefully, in september!

Tusken is going to Horror Hounds weekened in Indianapolis. My aunt and Uncle have been so kind to invite me AGAIN! Yes, AGAIN! Tusken was actually born at this convention scene, last year, before we even left the hotel. I brought my drawing tablet and sketched up her concept. So, she shall return to her conception spot, fuzzy, raffish, and wolfy! AWwoooooo!