Tusken the Werewolf

Submitted by Jhatonna on Tue, 09/03/2013 - 22:48
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Birthed at a Chicago horror convention in late summer of 2012, Tusken, fully fleshed out, can revisit her birthplace! I needed a personal suit to go to non Anime and Comic-Cons with. Tusken is the perfect and SCARY suit to go with. She's been the biggest stepping block ,yet, more than any other suit for various reasons.

Tearduct vision on a foam base

I learned A LOT of stuff on this suit that I plan to apply to the next suit. This suit has done quite a few things I didn't originally plan for.

Tusken's head is far too big, in turn, the body suit had to be padded in order to accommodate the large, round face. I'm a twig, so a large head on a tiny body wasn't going to cut it. Tusken is a big gal. Busty, buff, and hefty. Originally, on her concept art, she was streamline and had a favorable female figure. That didn't happen with this suit. I have yet to be able to control how my suits come out without a duct tape dummy.

What does Tusken like, you ask? Hm...let's see! Tusken loves the cooler weather. She loves her werewolf doll, Xorvo(Corvo), she made herself, she likes all meats, especially the read meats. Meat is her vegetable! Tusken has a little sister werewolf named Kryme. Her sister is very well cared for. A zombie werewolf, rotting and covered in bloody matter, she's something Tusken holds dear to her heart.

Tusken doesn't have too many accessories. Not yet. She does have a scarf and a giant collar. She wants a poncho, but she's so buff, I haven't be able to find one that fits her yet.