Tusken's Head

Submitted by Jhatonna on Mon, 07/15/2013 - 22:22
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Tusken is actually a black and gray werewolf, not white. I'm only using the left over tauntaun fur because its the same brand of fur I'm using for Tusken. This is an early test to see if I like how the head acts and moves with this fur over its base. Some foam was cut back and added to the base. I believe I like the back of the head now. Her neck appears longer than it is, which makes it seem more elegant and animal-like atop my shoulders. I am working on a "Curved" neck technique I want to trademark into my suits, one day. I'm still experimenting, though. If this head works out, I might repeat the method I used on this base.

Tusken's jaw does move, by the way.