Upper Teeth mechanism

Submitted by Jhatonna on Thu, 07/25/2013 - 19:35
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After arguing my way out of getting out of my comfort zone, I manned up and put upper teeth in Tusken. Originally, I didn't want upper teeth, but my mom convinced me, "A were HAS to have upper teeth or its not a werewolf."

Gotta love moms sometimes! After some experimenting, remaking a few teeth and cutting down the upper canine's we stumbled upon a very interesting, but intimidating function.

Tusken's head is large, but her muzzle is petite. My style runs with small, tapered muzzles and big heads, for some reason. Not cartoony, but the muzzle is usually smaller than it should be and this created a small problem with my mouth showing. I covered my mouth with a piece of fleece, for the jaw hangs open and it would be dead obvious I'm a person in a costume. The top teeth ride up RIGHT against my bottom lip. Thus, when I flex my lower jaw, the teeth splay. This, in turn, creates a nice illusion that I'm breathing, talking, and living. This works out quite nicely and I do plan to recreate it for future werewolf suits and wolf heads, of commissions and personal suits!