YubNub the Ewok

Submitted by Jhatonna on Thu, 08/08/2013 - 03:24
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My First Rebel Legion costume completed, roughly, in about a month's time frame. My sewing machine, which was an old one, decided to become difficult, after I had unpacked it from a recent move. So I was unable to sew the body suit right away. This was a great opportunity to use my fursuit building knowledge to my advantage. It also enabled me to make a costume in a swift and timely fashion because i knew what I was doing before I started.

YubNub. Yes, she is very large for an Ewok. Her people marvel at her size. The stormies cower in fear and run screaming when YubNub comes on the scene. She's as big as a stormtrooper, at that. YubNub likes to travel off world with her fellowship that consists of Tusken's, Jedi, and sith, even. Possibly Dark Jedi, she doesn't understand how two faiths can work together and get along while in the same room.

YubNub is an adventurous and curious sort. A warrior of her people, she usually wins fights and battles with foes or sparring partners.

YubNub is my only Rebel Legion suit, currently, so she gets regular usage and regular baths after each troop to keep her smelling nice and approachable.There will be more Ewoks in the future to come....